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Proprioception is the physiological phenomenon of the sense of self in space. It is knowing and sensing one’s orientation in a given space; it is also knowing where self ends and rest begins. It’s the kind of attunement that has a very physical/material dimension, one that often gets overlooked in the world of text-based academia. Dancer and PhD candidate Maya Hey proposes a movement based workshop series that engages this ‘sense of self’ through a series of movement exercises. It is meant to attune the ethnographer to better inform the researching self as well as situate this researcher within the space. Maya’s goal is to share these attuning exercises in hopes that it will inform the work of researchers as they move through spaces: through fieldwork, through the lab, in the streets, on the metro, in their interviews, etc. It is meant to augment their idea of ethics as they grapple with what they themselves are ‘saying’ in nonverbal texts (i.e. body language).

Space is limited so please register here: http://www.ethnographylabconcordia.ca/proprioception.html