Cabinet Shuffle: Strategizing Parliament

How do marginalized people get represented in gameplay? Why is it important to have a game about the Canadian parliamentary cabinet? These are some of the questions Pause Button considers after sitting down with Concordia student William Robinson to play his card game Cabinet Shuffle.

Messages, Media, Milieux

What makes a space a milieu? A quick look at communication, media history, and John Durham Peters’ visit to Concordia.

“I cried for you this morning / And I’ll cry for you again”: Mourning Leonard Cohen

It was raining in November. It was the night I learned Leonard Cohen had died: November 10, 2016.

Massimo Banzi: Democratizing Technology

Reflecting on Massimo Banzi’s visit to Concordia, Pause Button explores his claim that “design and technology should be universally accessible and not a luxury.” What is the value of making and how does it connect to the academic shift towards research creation?

Why I need ReFiG: Some Thoughts on the Importance of Community and the Departmentalized Academy

Academic, freelance writer, and editor Emma Vossen writes about the November ReFiG (Refiguring Innovation in Games) conference at Concordia University and why collectives such as ReFiG create positive alternatives to the departmentalized academic structure.

The Residual Media Depot: What’s In A Name?

“This is not a media archaeology lab. This is not an archive. This is a research collection.” - Darren Wershler

Speculating on Life, Imagining Futures

“How do we imagine a future that will be more plural, diverse, and just than the current modes of resource extraction, extinction, and violence being propagated in the name of security, technical progress, and growth?” - Orit Halpern