“Everybody Unfurls in Their Own Way”: An Interview with Marisa Portolese

From the centre of each photograph, her eyes seek yours. Her gaze is an invitation and a rebuke. "I dare you to look at me; how dare you look at me."

Avatar Activism

The 3D virtual reality platform, Second Life, has become an important site of public encounter. With new possibilities of self presentation and representation, come new opportunities for social and political uprisings, for activist protest, and biting commentaries on the offline world.

Weaving Binaries into Conversations: An Interview with Geneviève Moisan

“What I like about making is the power it gives you,” Milieux member Geneviève Moisan tells me during our interview. For Moisan, “making” involves many things: quilting, weaving, embroidering, and photography. Her art weaves together the history of the loom with modern concerns, both conceptually and in practice.

Archives Against Instagram: Becoming Our Own Internet Historians

GothShakira’s feminist and autobiographical memes put into conversation the lived experiences of women of colour in Internet culture. But in order to record these histories, we are going to need better archives.

Your Place or Minecraft?

“I died several times shooting,” Gina Hara tells me, laughing. “I refused to cut any corners. I didn’t film the flying scenes until my character developed the ability to fly.”

Research-creation, Relational Affect, and Reimagining Ethics

"We cannot assume nor perpetuate the notion that quality knowledge is emotionally detached." - Owen Chapman

Against Grading

When we use grades to evaluate students, what else are we teaching them?