How to Brand a Nation

Nation branding operates as a series of campaigns meant to promote a nation’s value to international audiences. Canada is no stranger to the practice. Right now, as the country celebrates its 150th anniversary of Confederation, the Liberal Government has taken advantage of the opportunity to “sell” Canada both at home and abroad.

Participatory Making

In making, thinking, and experimenting, we must remain aware of how our actions function. How do we make our making matter?

Adapting Academia: On Pedagogy and Fandom

Amid the stress of grades, coursework, and piles of assigned readings, what can we do to remind students—and ourselves—why we came to the academy in the first place? How can we liven up the classroom?

Interacting with Place

How do sense experiences interact with our memories, habits, and social contexts to create an idea of where we are?

Making Spaces in Maker Spaces: The History of Ethnography Lab

There is a new research group filling the spaces of Milieux. The Ethnography Lab was conceived in the department of Sociology & Anthropology, and was inaugurated on February this year as a space for exploring and experimenting with various ethnographic methods.