All Hail the New Screen! VIDEO/PLAY Reloaded

Sidings of the Afternoon, Gina Hara

(1) Opening Credits, VIDEO/PLAY Reloaded—EXT., Rue de Castelnau, between Henri-Julien and de Gaspé

Milieux, it’s that time again.
Time to slowly, wonderfully ease yourself back
into the video programming.
No, it’s not a dream,
although I’ve been told it’s a vision of

h3ll, Anna Eyler + Nicolas Lapointe, Jacqueline Beaumont + Zayn Muhammad

It’s nothing less than the prospect of community and mutual exchange, VIDEO/PLAY Reloaded: MILIEUX EDITION,
here with your wake-up call of today which
is Saturday the 16th.
You got that? Saturday the 16th.
And it has a message.
Remember the importance of meeting people on equal footing,
with future-making and wonder.

This meeting is to take place on Rue de Castelnau, but it has made rounds all over the city, and it will forever reside in your heart.
And needless to say, it’s the first of many this year.
Don’t you know so many who work with this ethos
at the core of their practice?

Femmestatistics, Diyar Mayil

Over and out, Commander.

Chikula_lab, Nien Tzu Weng

Power Vacuum | Hollow Heart, Stephanie E. Creaghan

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