Call for projects: Festival Art Souterrain 2021

Planning has begun for next year’s FESTIVAL ART SOUTERRAIN, and artists are invited to submit project proposals until April 30, 2020.

Each year, the Festival Art Souterrain chooses an important theme, capable of speaking to the public, to echo current events and to inspire artists. In 2021, the theme “Time” was selected.
The theme is elaborated thus:

“Are we at the dawn of a new era bringing into play the temporality of our time? A collective reflection seems to be taking place and provokes an awareness of our limits. Could this be the reason for the multiplicity of shortcuts in our daily lives? These temporal alternatives lead us to consider fleeting or unfinished activities as a new norm. These changes then raise several questions. Has the long-term vision of time become a luxury or a weakness? Would the constant quantification of time, by its representation, and its transfer into monetary value, transform it into a tangible resource?Superfluous interactions are multiplied and time must be saved at all costs for the benefit of immediate social interactions. The result: the creation of new behavioral reflexes resulting in ephemeral relationships.

Is time a new obstacle to human relationships or is it an inevitable development that we need to embrace? In addition, the deadline of humanity announced by the scientific community is reminded daily and forces us to rethink the satisfaction of instant rewards. This observation brings us to consider a return to traditions.

The duality between the balance of humanity and the pressure of our time consumption is an issue to which the artists of the 13th edition of the Art Souterrain festival will try to respond.”

For more information and to submit your file, visit their website.

This year’s upcoming festival takes place through the month of March. More details here!

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