Duke and Duchess of Sussex tour Skawennati’s exhibition, Avatars Aliens Ancestors

Following their visit to Canada, Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Markle (also known by their formal designations as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex) visited Skawennati’s exhibition currently on view at Canada House in London, Avatars Aliens Ancestors.

The royal couple paid a visit to Canada House to give thanks for the hospitality they were shown during their tour of Canada recently.

Skawennati’s exhibition Avatars Aliens Ancestors (or Kaia’tonnihseronniá:nion Ratironhia’kehshón:’a Kahsotshera’okon’kénhen in Mohawk) has been running at the Canada House gallery since November. It includes some machinimagraphs from her TimeTraveller™ portraits, which feature a range of Indigenous people from the 15th to 23rd centuries. 

“What I would like is for them to remember our long relationship,” said Skawennati in an interview with CBC.ca. “Not only have we survived colonization, attempts at assimilation and genocide, but that we are in the process of revitalizing our languages and our culture. We’ve remembered a lot, and I’d like them to think about using their influence to see what role they can play in that revitalization.”

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