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A Walk in LePARC with Adriana Minu

2023-01-30 @ 14:00 - 15:00

LePARC is happy to invite you all to join A Walk in LePARC with Adriana Minu!

After three years of researching affective approaches to music making, Adriana has been reclaiming her body from deep enrapturing tensions and learning what qualities can be nurtured in spaces that welcome alterity. She is now taking a look back at the processes and artworks that have stemmed from her artistic and vocal practice. Expect an experimental format with vocal solutions, digressions and improvisations to perceived intensities.

When? January 30 th, 2023, 2-3pm

Where? Residency Room EV 10.785

Adriana Minu is an artist, researcher, and intense vocal performer. She lives hyper aware of her constant relation with the environment. Her mission is to create artworks that help herself and others escape bodily oppressions. She doesn’t always succeed. Her own dislocated body guides her in this process that vibrates victoriously outside categories. 

Adriana is finishing her PhD in experimental music co-supervised at two prestigious British universities. She is a visiting doctoral scholar at lePARC until July 2023. In the UK she co-runs the research creation podcast Essential Blends with Kevin Leomo and the artistic experimentation platform ‘The way we blend’. At Concordia she runs a monthly series for cross-disciplinary performative encounters ‘there is space to […]’ and a sound improvisation series with Kathy Kennedy called ‘Improv-X’.


14:00 - 15:00


LePARC Residency Room (EV 10.785)