Back from the Field with the Concordia Ethnography Lab

The lab will host its first-ever BACK FROM THE FIELD event. Three students from the Anthropology and Sociology program will share with us their ongoing research, expose ideas and problematiques to discuss them collectively. 

Matthew Lamontagne, Master’s candidate in Anthropology – The End of the Road: An Ethnographic Account of Tourism along the ITH

Kris Millett, PhD candidate in Sociology – The great moving “radicalization” show: Reflections on fieldwork within CVE entities in Canada

Guillaume T. Boily, PhD Candidate in Sociology – Recruiting and interviewing women participants in a mostly male-environment: Communist labour activism in 1970s Quebec

For further details about their research, you can find their abstracts here. If you wish to participate in the next Back From the Field event, shoot us an email.