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This symposium is an invitation for members of our communities to share differing perspectives and practices in the hopes of enabling our communities to move together. It is an invitation to come watch a screening of Simi Linton and Christian von Tippelskirch’s documentary “Invitation to Dance”. It is an invitation to those working from critical perspectives within disability, Deaf, neurodiversity, mad, illness, crip, and other social justice movements, to discuss ideas of disability, art, and movement that emerge from the screening. It is an invitation, especially for those working within Quebec, coming from Quebec, or wanting to connect better to Quebec communities, to engage publicly with the specificity of our experiences and movements. It is an invitation to share differing perspectives and practices within and between our movements, languages, and disciplines, in hopes of creating new ways of understanding our pasts, of cooperating in the present, and of imagining our futures.

We come to this symposium because of a (re)emergence and incredible growth of the Critical Disability Studies Working Group in Montreal, over the last two years. Although Quebec has a long history of activism, art, and of some individual academics working on disability, these two years there has been a major increase in disability and Deaf research and activism, and an unprecedented movement towards connecting activists, artists, and academics, who have worked in isolation, together. Through this symposium, we hope to invite many more to this movement, and deepen our understandings of, engagements with, accountability to, and generative learning from each other’s perspectives and practices.