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LePARC presents a talk by Ronald Rose-Antoinette.

       What does it mean to miss the train of thought’s worldview? What is it like to not arrive at some sort of place, to not show up when and where you’re expected to make a point? What is it like for the point to wait for you, to count on you and eventually account for your omission? When your unavailibility, enacted by way of jovial, ecstatic refusal, is all there is to announce, what does it say about those who believe they will see you again, unchanged? Failing at arriving at some sort of conclusion is crucial for the analysis of the self in and as repeated ending to the self from the premise and promise of its demise. 
       What do you miss when you stop seeing the earth at a distance? Nothing. What you miss, while underpassing and breaking through it, is a particular way at seeing and reciting things as things. What you relinquish is you. Is your ego. Whatever stays in the relational feel/d as your (favorite) subject matter descends, effortlessly, towards gravitation. Such favoritism to (return to) the same and its spooky relationship to nonlocal space and volitional ascension begs a closer look. 
–     The possibility of repurposing non-sidedness as the condition of im/possibility of one-sidedness. Even when A and B and more discord and record by undoing the terms of their confluence. 
       [It bends…] Well, it’s surely a pleasurable thing to experience the lure for curves.   
       With Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Arvo Part, Alice Coltrane, and Marius Cultier.