The Informants: A Screening and Discussion

Indigenous Futures Cluster Presents THE INFORMANTS
A screening and discussion with Adam Khalil

Join the Indigenous Futures Cluster for a screening and discussion with guest Adam Khalil.

Through video and performance, THE INFORMANTS will examine the desire for indigeneity in the myths, dreams, and political foundations of the so-called Americas. Within the entangled emergence of multiculturalism, neoliberalism, decolonialism, and self-reflexive anthropology, cultural apprehensions which arise from fears of offense imbricate and fuel stronger calls for Indigenous information and informants. Many non-Indigenous people find ways to frame themselves as Indigenous, just as Indigenous people perform indigeneity themselves. If these tendencies are so deeply entrenched in this nation’s self-image, can they be studied, manipulated, or employed by Indigenous people to catalyze an expansion of Indigenous agency, amplifying the power of the informant? Can desires that push Indigenous people to an ideal and irretrievable past instead be channelled to promote the imagining of Indigenous futures?