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This exhibition acts a counterpoint to the idea of the decisive moment. An invitation to consider duration as a key component of the photographic act, four artists present projects in which “the moment” is extended – through investigations into generational time (Velibor Božović), urban time (Jinyoung Kim), geological time (Thomas Kneubühler), and archival time (David K. Ross).

Velibor Bozovic provides a personal examination of history through the twenty-five year transformation of his home town, Sarajevo, from a single vantage point — a window in his apartment. Jinyoung Kim looks at mass resettlements in the outskirts of Seoul, South Korea, where strewn belongings of displaced persons become evidence of abandoned histories. Thomas Kneubühler’s landscape images from Canada’s far North and Montréal’s Mount Royal (a vastly eroded ancient volcano) are interrupted and transformed through contemporary infrastructure. David K. Ross brings us to the rooftops of various art institutions, capturing vapour that is expelled from heating and cooling systems in which trace elements of art works are ‘breathed’ out.

The exhibition is accompanied by texts in French and English from Raymonde April and Rebecca Duclos. On Thursday September 21, a special event The Longer Moment, provides a rare opportunity to see a program of video works by the artists in the exhibition.