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1) There are in society certain mechanisms for circulation (circuits);

2) These circuits clearly reflect the ideology of the producer, but at the same time it is possible they could receive insertions while they circulate;

3) This always happen whenever someone starts it.

Cildo Meireles, 1970.

“Insertions into Mediatic Circuits” are a series of media interventions (here called insertions) where live media streams are copied, manipulated, and finally put back in circulation in a new live media stream. This new stream is almost identical to the original one, except for the insertion itself. The process—which could be described as “media shopdropping“—is transparent to the media viewer, and happens in almost real-time.

The project is possible due to a custom software framework implemented by Jeronimo Barbosa, who will lead the workshop. This framework is open source and intended to be a creative platform for critical artists and activists.

In this workshop, Jeronimo will introduce participants to this framework, by focusing on its technical and political aspects. The ultimate goal is to collaboratively design at least one new insertion to be performed by the end of the workshop. Authorship and responsibility related to this new insertion are equally shared among all people involved in the collaboration. No technical background is required for participation.

Please note that this workshop is going to be video documented and potentially exhibited as part of a future exhibition.

Website of the project

Thursday, April 13 at 2pm-6pm

Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology

EV Building, Resource Room 11.705

Concordia University SGW, 1515 Sainte-Catherine St. W. 

Jeronimo Barbosa (aka “Jeraman”) is a computer scientist, educator, and artist. His research is interdisciplinary, involving human-computer interaction, computer music, and critical design. His works were exhibited in several electronic art venues in Brasil, where he received some notable awards such as the Rumos Itaú Cultural Arte Cibernética (2009), the FILE PRIX LUX (2010, with Filipe Calegario), and the Prêmio Sergio Motta (2012). Currently, Jeronimo is a PhD student in Music Technology at McGill University, Montreal, Canada, working at the Input Devices and Music Interaction Laboratory.