GameBling Game Jam: Are you Feeling “(Un)Lucky”?

“Luck is an intangible force, but also something that is perceived to be inherent in people, objects, and practices. Given these qualities, how do game designers play with luck?”

After much success in the first edition in February 2022, the GameBling Game Jam returned this past weekend for a second edition in a row. Organized by the Jeu Responsable à l’Ère Numérique (JREN) research team, in collaboration with TAG and HERMES, this year’s theme was “(Un)Lucky,” carrying on from last year’s gambling-related fundamentals and paraphernalia and asking the participants, “Are you feeling lucky?” 

The theme was chosen by the organising committee after they opened the floor to members of the Milieux Institute in a brainstorming session last November. They settled on “(Un)Lucky” because generally gambling and casino games have less to do with skill and more with probability. The organizers reassured the participants that they wouldn’t have to make gambling or casino games in the traditional sense, but rather that this year’s focus was on “(Un)Luck” however they interpret it. 

The game jam gathered over 15 participants from all disciplines and backgrounds, in addition to the mentors and the organizers. Dr. Martin French shared with the attendees that there will be more prospects for collaboration between the participants and the organizers in the future, through a writing workshop that will be held in the Spring.
The jam culminated in a public showcase hosted on TAG’s virtual space, modelled after the physical lab, in Gather Town. Participants took the mic one by one to present their collective or individual work. You can now play all the games and prototypes presented during the showcase here:

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