GenAI Studio Seed Funding Pilot

The Milieux Institute and Applied AI Institute are partnering to provide seed funding to eligible students for generative AI research and research-creation projects between May 15 – August 31, 2024. The purpose of this pilot is to encourage student-driven cultural research-creation while also building a peer network around the Machine Agencies GenAI Studio. Funded students are not meant to work in silos but rather are encouraged and required to assist each other, share knowledge and experience, and help build the studio infrastructure and research culture.

Students must be current members of either institute in order to apply for funding.

Applications should include a project proposal of no more than 500 words, a CV and a projected timeline for the completion of work. All projects will be considered for inclusion at the MUTEK festival’s “Wilding AI” forum event on August 23, 2024.The project proposal should adhere to the following criteria.

  • The project should be consistent with the mandate of the Generative AI studio and contribute to its development (please see Machine Agencies GenAI Studio: Overview and Mandate)
  • The project should be a suitable scale and scope such that prototypes and/or results can be presented and discussed at the end of August 2024. The ballpark scale given the amount of available funding is up to 120 hours.
  • The project should include a plan for documentation, communication, and presentation/exhibition at the MUTEK festival. There should also be a plan for knowledge and skill sharing with other GenAI student researchers/artists.
  • The proposal should include a detailed description of the software, services and hardware required for the project. The GenAI studio will attempt to support the project with infrastructural resources as available.
  • Projects must credit the support of the Machine Agencies GenAI studio and the Milieux and Applied AI Institutes at Concordia. Co-authored collaborative projects are allowed but at least one lead author/artist must be a member of the Milieux or Applied AI Institutes.


ADJUDICATION: Proposals are due by April 26, 2024 and should be submitted by email to Bart Simon, Milieux Director ( Anyone interested in submitting either for the current or future seed funding opportunities is also invited to signal their interest by email.Proposals will be vetted by both Institutes and depending on the precise scope and requirements of the project funding will be allocated around $1,500 to $3,000 per project. Projects selected for funding may undergo an additional round of consultation to further specify requirements for communication, exhibition, and knowledge exchange.

ABOUT THE GENAI STUDIO: The studio aims to support Milieux and AI2 students, staff and faculty develop collaborative and personal research projects using generative AI. The studio’s technical and social governance is part of the ongoing research-creation of the studio itself and is subject to change. As a research- creation project, the studio privileges free software approaches to AI first, open models second, commercial models last in its adoption and design. The studio serves as a central hub for students from any discipline to engage in peer supported research and research-creation with generative AI tools. Studio members are expected to share expertise and resources, and this can be expanded with basic and advanced workshop, residency, and internship programs as interest and participation.


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