Graduate Studies

The Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology does not administer any graduate programs of its own. Instead, students whose interests and research ambitions cross the mandate of any of the Milieux clusters are welcomed and encouraged from any graduate program at Concordia with a recommendation from their supervisor (or at least one member of the thesis committee) who must already be a member of the Milieux Institute.

Milieux membership is ideal for graduate students who have:

  • Research, design or artistic ambitions across the domain of arts, culture and technology
  • Strong disciplinary skills with an interest in cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary collaboration
  • A commitment to the idea of communal and collaborative research and research-creation
  • A desire to explore, create and build opportunities beyond the boundaries of their graduate degree program.
  • Specific interests/background in one or more of research or research-creation

Application Process

The process for becoming a formal member of the Milieux institute is as follows.

  1. Students should indicate potential interest in Milieux participation and membership when they apply to a graduate program at Concordia. If you are applying to a program at Concordia University and are interested being a part of Milieux please fill out the Expression of Interest form.
  2. Students should become familiar with the activities one or more clusters at Milieux and choose a primary cluster for membership. Ideal ways to do this are to attend cluster activities and events and/or meet up with existing cluster faculty and students and/or to work as a research assistant on a cluster-based project.
  3. Students should make contact with faculty and/or leaders of the cluster to indicate interest and determine specific membership requirements of the cluster.
  4. Once this is established (normally in the first year of the student’s program at Concordia), membership will be granted upon completion of an online form (see below), and a recommendation of the cluster leader and the student’s supervisor (or advisor) who must also be a member of Milieux.


There are two major interdisciplinary programs at Concordia that are ideal for students interested in research at Milieux.

In addition, the following department based programs are all excellent springboards for participation in one or more Milieux clusters. These programs have very active Milieux faculty.

It is essential that students interested in Milieux make the effort to contact potential faculty supervisors or advisors who are already Milieux members about their interests. Please consult the cluster pages or our faculty member list to help direct your inquiries.

Art History


Computer Science

Social and Cultural Analysis

Software Engineering

Film and Moving Image Studies

English Literature Education

Humanities PhD

Individualized Program MA / MSc / PhD

MDes: Design and Computation Arts

MFA: Studio Arts; Intermedia / Studio Arts; Fibres and Material Practices / Studio Arts; Photography / Music

MA: Media Studies; English Literature; English / Creative Writing; Sociology; Cultural Anthropology; Educational Studies; Education Technology; Art History; Film Studies

MAp Comp. Sc.: Computer Science

Grad. Cert.: Innovation, Technology and Society; Communication Studies