Milieux Institute will participate in Summer School “La création au-delà de l’humain” in Toulouse

This initiative is part of a 2-year cooperation program between France and Quebec (2023-2025) to implement a research-creation network in art and science. Last winter, a French delegation of researchers from the Passerelle Art-Science-Technologie project participated in Hexagram symposium: Les rencontres interdisciplinaires 2024.

This time, several Milieux and Hexagram members will take part in various research activities in Toulouse as part of the Summer School La création au-delà de l’humain (Creativity Beyond Human). In a time where creative capacities of machines, materials, non-human organisms and phenomena, and human collectives are increasingly taken into consideration, the concept of art as a human centered activity is thus inevitably being question. This phenomenon not only encourages cross-disciplinary collaborations, but also enhances interactions with non-human terrestrial entities. Rising from this observation the Summer School invites artist-researchers to reflect on creativity beyond human. 

Taking place across various locations in Toulouse from June 1st to June 14th, the Summer School will comprise roundtables, residencies and workshops. Alongside Hexagram members Sofian Audry, Jacqueline Beaumont, Vincent Cusson, Louis-Claude Paquin, Nicolas Reeves, Gabrielle Simard, TeZ and Philippe Vandal, Director of Milieux Dr. Bart Simon and Associate Director Dr. Alice Jarry will participate in a series of events discussing research-creation and relations between humans and their environment from an art and science perspective. 

“Retraite robotique” Residency (Robotic Retirement)

Ph.D student Zeph Tibodeau will also join for a 2-week residency at Quai des Savoirs, a contemporary cultural centre dedicated to science.

During this residency, Zeph will explore how humans can rethink their relationship with machines. In a world where humans often use robots and machines to serve their own interests before discarding them, Zeph’s artistic practice seeks to counterbalance this tendency by encouraging empathy and acts of care towards machines. By emphasizing the value of what we possess rather than perpetuating a never-ending cycle of consumption, Zeph’s practice demonstrates how to cultivate a more harmonious and sustainable future. “Retraite Robotique” explores this through robot-human encounters in an interactive installation aiming to create an experience of connection and mutual understanding between human visitors and the robotic residents of the installation.

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