Milieux Presents Pause Button!

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What is Pause Button?
Bart Simon, Director: Pause Button is an experiment in creating something more than just another communication platform, something that breaks free from being just another blog and has the potential to evolve beyond its current platform.

Pause Button is an experiment that aspires to reclaim public scholarship as a core function of the university. It works through our desire and need to collectively speak and be heard, as well as to listen.

Its for all Milieux members and for anyone else who might be interested in issues in technology and culture in Canada generally, and Milieux specifically.

What are the aspirations for Pause Button?
Bart Simon, Director: We aspire to produce high quality writing about technology and culture in our Canadian and our Montreal context. As our springboard we will use the work, issues, relationships, and networks of the 200+ members of the Milieux Institute at Concordia.

Our work at the Institute will aspire to be communicated via Pause Button, not as public relations or accountability, but as a matter of developing the skill of good public writing that adds value and meaning for readers beyond our workplace. Pause Button should be of Canada, it should be Montreal-esque and it should be tied to the people and spaces of the Milieux Institute.

What kind of content is Pause Button looking for?
Eileen Holowka, Editor: Pause Button‘s articles are fast and easy to read, but they don’t stop short of saying what needs to be said. Each of these pieces contributes to what we plan on making an ongoing conversation about the work we do here in Milieux and (much more importantly) in the broader world.

So, give the issue a read, send us your thoughts, and let us know how we can push our critique and creativity even further.



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