June 6, 2022

[RECAP] What Constitutes the (In-Betweenness of the) Chimera?

A Reflection on the Exhibitions of In the Middle, a Chimera | PART II: MILIEUX INSTITUTE—Malte Leander, The Solar Media Project Team, Ora4Art: Debora Alanna & Bora Bodur, Puneet Jain, Andrew Rabyniuk, Idun Isdrake, Natalia Balska, Brice Ammar Khodja, Maurice Jones, Patrick Seemann-Ricard, Melina Campos Ortiz, Marie-Christine Larivière, Anne Boutet, Audrey Coulombe, Vanessa Mardirossian, Etta Sandry, Tricia Enns, Megan Stein, Steven Sych, Minecraft and Modernity Student Research Cabal, Scott DeJong, & lee wilkinsImages by Roxanne Ross In...
June 1, 2022

[RECAP] Beyond the “Crossfire”: Dr. Theresa “Isa” Arriola

“So, I too think sovereignty matters, and such mattering also engenders other ethnographic forms; in this case, one of refusal.”Audra Simpson, Mohawk Interruptus (2014)   Theresa “Isa” Arriola began her presentation with an expression of joy at having the unique opportunity of sharing her work beyond the frontiers of the academic space into the artistic venue centre daphne. As an Indigenous artist-run centre whose mission is to encourage a culture of peace and respectful exchange, the...
May 26, 2022

[THANK YOU] A Reflection on ‘In the Middle, a Chimera’

When Bart first pitched to me the idea of organizing Milieux’s year-end exhibition, I immediately knew I wanted to do something a lot bigger than just a show. I was inspired by the final edition of the Montreal Biennale, Le Grand Balcon, and its sprawling programming that extended across the city, all amassing around the centrifugal force of the core themes of Genet’s titular play.  I was also interested in maëlstrom-like pulls, and for In the Middle, a...
May 26, 2022

[RECAP] What Constitutes the Chimera?

A Reflection on the Exhibitions of In the Middle, a Chimera | PART I: EASTERN BLOC—jacqueline beaumont, Ojo Agi, Mark Igloliorte, Diyar Mayil, Timothy Thomasson, Philippe VandalImages by Roxanne Ross “Intimacy is never separated from external elements, without which it could not be signified. Where we think we have caught hold of the Grail, we have only grasped a thing, and what is left in our hands is only a cooking pot…” —Georges Bataille, The...
May 17, 2022

[RECAP] Book Launch: ‘Art in the Age of Machine Learning’ & ‘Sensing Machines: How Sensors Shape Our Everyday Life’

A robot tries to learn the guitar, but it malfunctions and obsessively plays the E tone repeatedly. But, as the years pass, Anglaopheme develops complex sonic improvisations, a style of its own, and is even joined by other robotic music to form The Three Sirens, a jazz improvisation band. In another corner of the world, a human is awoken by an alarm clock with wireless sensors that have tracked their every move, and uses that...
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