January 19, 2022

PRESENTING: The 2021-2022 Undergraduate Fellows!

We at the Milieux Institute are nothing short of delighted to present this year’s cohort for the Undergraduate Fellowship! Hailing from over nine different programs and many more disciplines, our Fellows demonstrate a capacity to think beyond what currently is, in a way that is inspiring and wonder-making. It is with great pride that we welcome them to the Institute, and with great honour we’ll aid and bear witness to their academic, artistic, and research-oriented...
January 17, 2022

[RECAP] Thinking Through Circle Theory With Orion D. Black

On December 9th, 2021, when TAG welcomed Orion D. Black to present on Circle Theory—a visual narrative tool developed by Black that helps develop story arcs, worldbuilding, and character—for their Global Speaker Series, Rethinking Playfulness, I knew I was in for a treat. I come to this topic as someone invested in how humans tell stories, and how the systems and rules around us communicate and impose the shapes of these narratives onto people and...
January 6, 2022

[RECAP] Decoding and Reimagining Posthuman Identity, by Oonagh E. Fitzgerald

Reflection about the Exhibition: November 29 to December 3, 2021 It was an exciting experience to bring my recent artwork together in the solo exhibition Decoding and Reimagining Posthuman Identity. I enjoyed the many steps this entailed, and the deadline this imposed on my completing the bark assemblage.   The fact that there were so many works to display added to the time and complexity.  I knew where to place the International Law and Governance Conference Lanyard Tutu, and the paper and ceramic masks. As we set...
December 6, 2021

[RECAP] Dr. Jennifer Lundquist | Addressing the Digital Harassment of Scholars

At the final event of Season 3 in the “Feminist and Accessible Publishing Communication, and Technologies Speaker and Workshop Series,” its founder Dr. Alex Ketchum and co-host for the evening Dr. Stefanie Duguay, welcome Dr. Jennifer Lundquist with her presentation, Addressing the Digital Harassment of Scholars. Her research on how racial, ethnic and gender inequalities are perpetuated in various institutional settings and her role as an Associate Dean of Research has led to her creating...
November 17, 2021

[RECAP] The Unending Territory of Imagination – Oonya Kempadoo’s ‘Which World of Mine’

“My Guyana world means a coast below sea level.” Oonya Kempadoo is a citizen of Guyana, Grenada, and England, and a creative writer and novelist, consultant, researcher, and educator. Delineation between these roles and identities is blurred in her lived experience and her work, heavily influenced by these different worlds. In the inaugural session of TAG’s online Global Speaker Series, Rethinking Playfulness, Oonya navigated attendees through a rich examination of her latest project Naniki in...
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