May 17, 2022

[RECAP] Book Launch: ‘Art in the Age of Machine Learning’ & ‘Sensing Machines: How Sensors Shape Our Everyday Life’

A robot tries to learn the guitar, but it malfunctions and obsessively plays the E tone repeatedly. But, as the years pass, Anglaopheme develops complex sonic improvisations, a style of its own, and is even joined by other robotic music to form The Three Sirens, a jazz improvisation band. In another corner of the world, a human is awoken by an alarm clock with wireless sensors that have tracked their every move, and uses that...
May 11, 2022


After many months of writing, reviewing, tabulating, and designing, the 2020-2021 FIVE YEAR EDITION Annual Report is finally here! The major work is an endeavour on behalf of the core staff of Milieux (Bart Simon, Harry Smoak, Stephanie Creaghan and extra special mention to Marc Beaulieu for carrying the project through) as well as our incredibly talented graphic designer and illustrator, Natalia Balska. Following the unveiling of the report at our Annual Meeting on Thursday,...
May 2, 2022

[RECAP] Rethinking Playfulness Series – Poornima Seetharaman

Poornima Seetharaman’s career has unfolded like a game of toppling dominoes. During her guest talk for Technoculture, Art and Games (TAG)’s Rethinking Playfulness Series, the game designer and founder of Women in Games India recounted the serendipitous events that shaped her life, from a pair of jeans to the support of fellow gamers. For Seetharaman, life works through a ripple effect: small and seemingly meaningless actions can trigger a series of events that define our...
April 21, 2022

[ANNOUNCEMENT] In the Middle, a Chimera Official Programming

CLICK HERE FOR HYPERLINKED PDF CALENDAR OF EVENTS It is with great honour that we announce to you all the official line-up for In the Middle, a Chimera, the Milieux Institute Year-End Exhibition and Symposium. We’ll be announcing an international artist collaboration with the Fondation PHI shortly, stay tuned! You will find artists listed below by exhibition location, along with the dates and times of events related to the shows: EASTERN BLOC | VERNISSAGE: MAY...
April 11, 2022

[RECAP] Animal Death as National Debility: A Talk By Neel Ahuja

During the talk “Animal Death as National Debility: Climate, Agriculture and Syrian War Narrative,” Neel Ahuja asked the audience to re-examine the idea of the Syrian War as the first-ever “climate war.” The UC Santa Cruz Professor was invited for the fifth event in the series “Critical Anthropocene Speaker Series: Global, Decolonial, Critical Race Approaches for a Multispecies World” because his work aligns with the mission of the groups that co-sponsored the event: Society, Politics,...
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