November 17, 2021

[RECAP] The Unending Territory of Imagination – Oonya Kempadoo’s ‘Which World of Mine’

“My Guyana world means a coast below sea level.” Oonya Kempadoo is a citizen of Guyana, Grenada, and England, and a creative writer and novelist, consultant, researcher, and educator. Delineation between these roles and identities is blurred in her lived experience and her work, heavily influenced by these different worlds. In the inaugural session of TAG’s online Global Speaker Series, Rethinking Playfulness, Oonya navigated attendees through a rich examination of her latest project Naniki in...
November 3, 2021

VISIONS OF EXCESS: Optimization, Dissuasion, and Media(ted) Interactions

So begins the month of November, in the midst of the vertiginous pendulum swing of the academic semester. Along this whirlwind path, Milieux finds a through line in Georges Bataille’s concept of the accursed share; that dimension of energetic excess within (political) economy that must be consecrated to waste that is traditionally applied to such “useless” things as art-making, luxury, and generally “non-productive” activity. Such a notion posits a serious error in the server for...
October 25, 2021

[RECAP] All Hail the New Screen! VIDEO/PLAY Reloaded–

(1) Opening Credits, VIDEO/PLAY Reloaded—EXT., Rue de Castelnau, between Henri-Julien and de Gaspé Milieux, it’s that time again.Time to slowly, wonderfully ease yourself backinto the video programming.No, it’s not a dream,although I’ve been told it’s a vision ofloveliness. h3ll, Anna Eyler + Nicolas Lapointe, Jacqueline Beaumont + Zayn Muhammad It’s nothing less than the prospect of community and mutual exchange, VIDEO/PLAY Reloaded: MILIEUX EDITION,here with your wake-up call of today whichis Saturday the 16th.You...
October 6, 2021

[RECAP] The Ethno Lab Launch—

[Wednesday, October 6, 2021]—Last Friday, October 1st, marked the hybrid in-person/online launch of the Ethnography Lab for the 2021/22 school year, at their headquarters at the Milieux Institute and on Zoom. The event invitation began with a call to action, and a spirit of hope: “Now that Concordia is back in-person we will be trying to reboot an Ethnography Lab as a mixed virtual/in-person space. We will go back to our room at Milieux Institute...
September 30, 2021


(“great supine proto-vertebrate jellies”)A pigeon lands on a jarringly small branch“It’s all chaotic, it’s all weird, everyone is getting scared”Shifts the weight (gingerly, as they say) The tail up, the eyes kind of quartered—Like, with malleable convictions corking up the Iris. There is a sense that the pigeon isOblivious, bumbling, perhaps even carefree (Plump with efforts only designed to gain moreAttention and/or power) —“A depth of conviction that might’veBeen shallow.” The leaves sprout sunspots on...
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