Post Image

The Post Image Cluster brings together artists and researchers, involved in the creation, production, reflexion around the current and future image-based practices in our contemporary world. Their work investigates the many aspects of visual representation, photography, post photography and image-making, around the themes of identity (portraiture, women identity, gender identity, cultural identity), narrative (storytelling, fiction) history / memory, cultural production and environmental issues (land/landscape, tourism, geopolitics).

Since the advent of digital technology, the photographic practice has experienced deep transformations. The new millennium has forced artists to reposition themselves, while familiar production methods used by image artists since several decades were disappearing and being replaced with new idioms. Beyond digital technologies, social media and the web, the current age sees researchers seek a renewed balance between the «new» technologies and the «classical» language and tools of image-making.

The Post Image cluster offers a studio experience in image making, providing researchers and grad students with access to a high-end technical platform (printers, scanners, portable equipment) and supporting them in the production of sophisticated artworks for exhibition and publication.


Marisa Portolese. Associate Professor, Photography

Daniel Cross. Associate Professor, Film Production (Cinema)