“Reactive Graphene Oxide” Residency at The Commons Exhibition

As part of The Commons exhibition, we will be hosting a residency from September 25th to 29th, 2023, featuring scientists and artists from Concordia and McGill University. They will be engaged in research-creation at the intersection of Design and Material Science under the project title: “Reactive Graphene Oxide: New Materials and Collaborative Methods at the Interface of Design and Materials Engineering.”


  • Alice Jarry (Design & Computation Arts, Concordia) 
  • Marta Cerruti (Materials Engineering, McGill) 
  • Jacqueline Beaumont (Design & Computation Arts, Concordia) 
  • Yiwen Chen (Materials Engineering, McGill) 
  • Jacob Landry (Design & Computation Arts, Concordia) 
  • Philippe Vandal (Design & Computation Arts, Concordia) 
  • Nima Zakeri (Materials Engineering, McGill) 

Summary of the residency: 

At the crossroads of Design and Material Science, this research-creation project brings together scientists and artists to develop reactive membranes and objects using Graphene Oxide (GO). Graphene Oxide is a layered carbon-based nanomaterial derived from the oxidation and exfoliation of graphite, which can also be synthesized from thermal treatment of organic waste. Spanning multiple spatial, technical, artistic, and philosophical dimensions, the project addresses crucial questions at the core of current research in materials science and design: up to which point can materials mimic nature and become ‘alive’, changing themselves based on external stimuli? What happens when materials and humans interact? Can the interaction between materials and the environment help improve our own environment? Envisioned as a new generation of active materials for technological applications, the built environment and the arts, the structures developed in this project also aim to develop novel methods for arts and science collaboration and engage publics in a broader reflection on material futures and human’s shifting relationship with its environment in a context of ecological crisis. The co-creation process of this residency involves the presentation of a documentary film, in-situ prototyping, and ongoing video documentation of the work. 

Funding: FRQ; Audace (Marta Cerruti, PI, McGill; Alice Jarry, Co-PI Concordia);

About the two Labs: 

McGill Biointerface lab:

The Biointerface lab (dir. Marta Cerruti) investigates phenomena occurring at the interface between synthetic materials and biological molecules. With a focus on biomineralization, the Lab develops “surface interactive scaffolds” for soft and hard tissue regeneration. The surface-centered approach fosters the development of materials for drug delivery, dental applications, and energy and the environment.  

Concordia Milieux Biolab:

The Biolab (dir. Alice Jarry) is a hybrid research-creation lab for the development and facilitation of conceptual and material-based exploration around the Technosphere, and its impact on the changing status of Life on the planet. With a focus on critical and bio-inspired design, the Lab develops active, living, and composite surfaces, objects, and scaffolds for the arts and the built environment. 

The Commons exhibition will run from September 25th to 29th at Concordia University’s 4TH Space. Check out the full programming to learn more about featured activities:

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