Secret Lives of Data Publics: Mixed Reality Smart City Interfaces

When: Monday April 23 at 3:30 – 5:00 pm at the Milieux Institute, EV-11.705
Join us for part two of a workshop on mixed reality smart city interfaces for prototype demos and panel discussion. This event ends a two-day workshop where participants mess with prototyping mixed reality interfaces for engaging the informational layer of the built urban environment.
Workshop continuation (folks are free to drop by EV-11.705 to check it out)
1-3pm AR Data Publics workshop II 
Presentations & Panel in EV 11.705
3:30 project demos
3:30-5pm panel discussion 
Dinner & Discussion 
5-7pm catered dinner (folks need to cough up $10 cash at the door to help subsidize)
The whole event is organized by Beth Coleman (University of Waterloo), Matt Ratto (University of Toronto), Gabby Resch (University of Toronto) and Bart Simon (Concordia University). It is sponsored by Milieux, CHI and Microsoft Research.
For more information on the CHI portion of the workshop please visit: