August 30, 2021

Techno Terrapin, or, Virtual Wonders at MUTEK22

Jello, by Adonia Bouchehri
  1. A liminal experience that frustrates
  2. Burnt to a crisp work faster with the minerals
    The swift descent into the Valley of the Ashes, sounds ricochetting; it is not pleasant but it is not, not
  3. A reprieve in the O Ring — the tin sounds of the Cosmos
  4. [Awaiting hot dog image]
    Wait is this actually just a bunch of hot dogs?
    [Hell is at every doorstep]

  5. “The multiplex of worlds within worlds within worlds”
    An attribute by any other name
  6. You count the syllables and it’s not what you think it is
    Stage folly made from the encrypted—
  7. Like looking into the eye of the Impossible
    Limits of experience staggering and reeling again, pushing at sentient meniscus
  8. A Sisyphean climb-tumble-climb-tumble into interwoven dimensions
  9. “Who or what is doing the spying?”

  10. A feeling of fear sets in at the precipice of the unknown
  11. Have you seen the movie The Descent? It’s just like it but entirely different
  12. [Too horrifying, skip]
  13. Awash with the feeling of the Utterly Sublime
    Wheels cranking in the Big Rays pouring over the tile

  14. “Creating this pattern which pleases me […]
    (I do admit, it has a certain force)
    […] All slippages are contained, and don’t go far, but they do happen.”
  15. (Traversing nebulae as a burning star)
  16. Beneath the meniscus now bobbing up as if a magnet
    Steely undertow of corralled air
  17. [This one didn’t want to load] A water jug that looks like glass, shards littering the floor
  18. Delicious glossolalic, so watery, watery
    The swarm descending like an embrace

  19. [This one froze my computer] A title that is automatically ominous
  20. (“Considering the role of a server as a place“)
    Remember how the click of one NFT can equal the energy use required for hours of flight travel? Crazy,
    Annihilating all of these falling leaves with all of this digital flotsam
  21. [Like a monkey gym full of blades] Something about how the Game no longer exists once you enter into Reality
    Burnt meat and an endless journey!
    —I have always been there.”

  23. [I couldn’t get this one to work]
  24. Jump scares run amuck.
    “In order to grow, you must moult.”