Textiles and Materiality



new textiles and fabrics • wearables • fashion • social intimacy • identity • craft


Textiles and Materiality brings together research creation expertise from textile arts and material culture. The cluster explores technical innovations and diverse forms of social interaction, investigating new ways that materials and wearables can change how we relate to one another and to the world around us.

Historic and digital technologies, including complex weaving, electronic fabrics and interactive garments are examined alongside crucial questions of sustainability, ethics and the environmental footprint of material practices. Experiments with methods, processes and interdisciplinary modes of thinking will shape the future of textiles, material objects and charged experiential spaces.


Barbara Layne Professor, Cluster Co-Director
Department of Fibres and Material Practices
Research Interests: Fibres, electronic textiles

Kelly Thompson Professor, Cluster Co-Director
Department of Fibres and Material Practices
Research Interests: Fibre materials, structures, digital and analog weave, including computer-assisted jacquard, print and dye processes, hand construction skills


Quick Facts

Director: Bart Simon

Number of research clusters: 7

Number of faculty and principal investigators: 80

Number of graduate students: 120

Facilities: gaming lab; wet/dry maker lab; interactive textiles production studios, photography and image making; virtual reality and immersive studios; mobilities lab; student lounge; collab/cowork spaces; black box and conference spaces

Location: Montreal, Canada

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