What has Post Image been up to this past year?

On March 31, Milieux Institute celebrated its one year anniversary and we have been busy! In celebration, we’ve taken a look back at some of the research clusters’ most memorable talks, workshops, projects, symposiums, and exhibitions.

Exhibition of Scott Chandler’s work in the Milieux halls.

Since last Spring, the Post Image research cluster has organized seven artist talks, one round table in collaboration with VU, an artist run center in quebec city, one workshop and, one exhibition in hommage to Scott Chandler.  The cluster prides itself in facilitating conversation and discussion around topics that matter to its members.

We’ve welcomed internationally renowned artists like Mitch Epstein, Margaret Haines, Karen Kraven, and Nicolas Sassoon for engaging talks and workshops. Members David K. Ross, Jessica Auer, Jacques Bellavance, and Thomas Kneubühler also presented. Guest speakers gave insights on their latest projects, working methods, and the larger themes in their work.

Our members have also been busy outside of Milieux. Many have been featured in exhibitions across Canada and the world. Velibor Božović took part in the Memories of Stone: Places of Prayer, Death and Commemoration in Bosnia and Herzegovina exhibition at Ismaili Center in Toronto, as well as the How Many Seas group exhibition by the Outre-vie in Mumbai. Next, Božović is mounting a solo exhibition at Galerie Dazibao in Montreal, entitled Nothing Will Surprise You Here. 

Jessica Auer showed her film project, Still Ruins, Moving Stones at the FOFA Gallery in MontrealAlong with Raymond April, Auer also took part in a group exhibition at Museo de la Cancillería MX in Mexico, entitled Documentar, Contar, Mentir. Thomas Kneubühler’s work Days in Night was screened in Stadtkino, Basel.

Post Image cluster member Eric Simon co-wrote the book, Espaces de Savoir. In a practice of open exploration, each co-author outlined their take on accessing espaces de savoir, or environments of knowledge. The book recently won the literature prize, the Grand prix edition Grafika.

Marisa Portolese was named McCord Museum’s 2017 artist in residence. She will be further exploring her project, Belle de Jour while working with the museum collection of William Notman photographs depicting women at the turn of the 20th century.

Our newest member, Monika Gagon, is currently working on a project titled “Artists Animate the Expo 67 Archives.” Through a series of talks and open studio activities, as well as the production and exhibition of work Monika Gagon wishes to highlight artists’ processes of working in/with archives by exhibiting, discussing, reflecting on and supporting four artists research creation process: Leisure (Meredith Carruthers and Susannah Wesley), Althea Thauburger, Krista Belle Stewart, and Marije Baalman (light and sound designer of Chris Salter’s N-Polytope). These four artists are contributing to In Search of Expo 67 at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (June 21 to October 8, 2017) co-curated by Lesley Johnstone and Monika Kin Gagnon, an exhibition of 19 artists’ new works and several archival multi-screen lms.”

We also launched a podcast! We discuss in further detail recent presentations and exhibitions.

As a cluster, we want artists and researchers to engage in conversations and develop long lasting relationships with various communities, locally and internationally. We’re bringing all these people together and were empowering them to do research, to talk and to create in an environment that, we hope is conducive to this!

Text by Fannie Gadouas and Elise Cotter

Mitch Epstein discussing his work at Milieux. 

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