Milieux is an ambitious institute for research-creation working at the intersection of design, art, culture and technology.

It is a platform for progressive imagining, critical thinking, creative experimenting and interdisciplinary training. Above all, it is a site of innovation, where thinking and making come together to transform our encounter with technology.



It’s Not About Privacy, It’s About Control: Thinking Beyond The Latest Data Mining Scandal

The recent news that a voter profiling company called Cambridge Analytica had obtained 50 million American Facebook users’ data and used it to formulate Trump campaign content in 2016 has the general public riled up [...]

“Philosophy Can Be a Living Practice”: Inside SenseLab’s Radically Open Research Culture

It's clear the moment you cross the threshold into SenseLab's light-filled work space on the EV Building's 10th floor that you're entering an atypical academic environment. As a newly formalized part of Milieux's LePARC performing [...]

Pegboards, Pliers and Printers Await You In Milieux’s New Maker Space

What is the invisible glue that holds a research institute together? Money for projects, certainly, committed researchers, workspaces -- Milieux has all of these in spades. But our strongest glue might be made up of [...]


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