Milieux is an interdisciplinary graduate research institute for new media arts, digital culture and information technology at Concordia University in downtown Montreal.

Drawing on a legacy of media arts research, Milieux aims to mess with the boundaries of creative experimentation, interdisciplinary graduate research training, and progressive critical thought and practice. We work with partners and collaborators from all sectors and across the world to examine, co-create and share ideas, prototypes, experiences and practices that challenge assumptions shaping digital culture.



It’s Not About Privacy, It’s About Control: Thinking Beyond The Latest Data Mining Scandal

The recent news that a voter profiling company called Cambridge Analytica had obtained 50 million American Facebook users’ data and used it to formulate Trump campaign content in 2016 has the general public riled up [...]

“Philosophy Can Be a Living Practice”: Inside SenseLab’s Radically Open Interdisciplinary Graduate Research Culture

It's clear the moment you cross the threshold into SenseLab's light-filled work space on the EV Building's 10th floor that you're entering an atypical academic environment. As a newly formalized part of Milieux's LePARC performing [...]

Pegboards, Pliers and Printers Await You In Milieux’s New Maker Space

What is the invisible glue that holds a research institute together? Money for projects, certainly, committed researchers, workspaces -- Milieux has all of these in spades. But our strongest glue might be made up of [...]


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