Call for participation


László Moholy-Nagy’s Light Prop for an Electric Stage, 1930

The Hungarian artist/photographer/researcher/writer Laszlo Moholy-Nagy ranks as one of the key visionaries of the 20th century. A central figure with the Bauhaus in Germany and then founder of the New Bauhaus in Chicago during the Second World War, Moholy-Nagy was a strong supporter of art and technology as factors of social progress. He deeply explored and experimented with the fundamental elements of visual perception—light, color, space, matter, and motion—in what he called “The New Vision” in his groundbreaking writings from the 1920s to the 1940s. 

As a key project in our upcoming milieuXbauhaus Festival, we want to explore what the political-social-cultural impact of this new vision means today in an era of transforming perception, from artificial intelligence, machine vision, the transformation of space through new means such as XR/VR/AR, sensing and the overall shifts in being generated by new forms of cognitive capitalism.

Our aim is to re-evaluate and create a new body of knowledge around Moholy-Nagy’s concepts and categories discussed in The New Vision and Vision in Motion. We will have two preliminary meetings in October to discuss the New Vision text and then have an open studio at Milieux during the milieuXbauhaus period, from November 5-14, 2019. There will be minimal production and material budgets available as well.

We are looking for students from all disciplines across Milieux clusters interested in exploring the above themes from historical-technical-aesthetic-practical-political perspectives. We will be looking for studies – not finished artworks – sketches, images, research, video, prototypes, models, concepts – to be developed during the two week studio period in November. 

The final results will be curated by the organizing team and professionally displayed and we will invite professionals from the local art/design/academic community for the finissage where the final work will be displayed. 

We are aiming for 10-15 participants. The commitment is 2 meetings in October and then a 2-day commitment (16 hours in total either in blocks or spread over the two weeks in whatever way you would like) in November to spend time developing/researching/making something during the open studio.

If you are interested, please contact Andrea Peña ( with your email and a one or two sentence description of what you might like to contribute by October 4th. We will get back to you by October 9th and the first group meeting will be scheduled for the later in the second or third week of October.