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Applications for the 2022 Summer Writing Residency are open!


Clusters: Milieux

Summer is a time for writing for many of us, but not everyone has an easy time finding a stable functional space where they can concentrate. Some write at home, at cafés, in the library or in other workspaces but we want to try (again!) something else: a graduate writing residency at Milieux!

This summer, starting June 20th, we are once again reconfiguring the Milieux Atelier space as a writer’s space specifically designed for students requiring a stable, quiet and convivial space to write. Upon admission to the program for the summer, you will have a desk space in a beautiful and bright air conditioned room, access to the kitchen and other Milieux facilities, and the support of peers.

The only requirements are that you be a Milieux graduate student member writing for a thesis or comprehensive exams, you can commit to using your desk for at least 3 days a week and you help to keep the space (and kitchen) clean and tidy. Some desk sharing may be required but you will be able to leave books and other materials. The program will run from June 20th through Sept 2nd and all interested applicants should contact Marc Beaulieu at marc.beaulieu@concordia.ca

In your application email, specify what degree program you are in, what year of the program, the kind of writing you will be doing (thesis, exam, other), any pertinent deadlines for the writing, and your projected time commitment for using the space (let us know as much as possible what your schedule is, any vacations and so on, so we can maximize the use of the space). There are a limited number of desk spaces so we cannot promise to give everyone a spot but we will do our best to accommodate as many students as possible. Application remains open as long as there are unfilled desk spaces!


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