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Hype, Hyper or Over-Hyped: a Student Symposium on Critical AI Studies in Canada

2022-06-16 - 2022-06-17

Clusters: Milieux

A Student Symposium on Critical AI Studies in Canada
Hosted by Machines Agencies of Speculative Life

June 16 from 12:00 PM to 4:30 PM and June 17 from 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM
Online and In Person at Milieux Institute 
EV Building, 1515 Saint-Catherine St W

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About Us

We are excited about using this event to build community and care across the student of AI in Canada. Our objective is to accept all submissions and develop a form that ensures fair, supportive participation. We encourage work-in-progress, research at all levels, and all stages. As host, we will share guidelines for moderation before the event and facilitate constructive discussion. The world can feel a little stressful and we hope this conference might be something different.

We Are Guided by a Desire To:

  • convene critical researchers studying in Canada;
  • support graduate research in-progress and imperfect; and
  • develop a community of care and support for this research.

We are committed to equity, humility, and good relations in our research and among each other.

Download the tentative schedule (PDF)


We are only a few organizers with no professional support. Please mindful of the gendered division of labor. When you arrive at the symposium, ask how you can help. Take initiatives that benefit the community of critical AI researchers we are creating. 

Be mindful of and reflexive of your own behavior. Support others to accomplish their full potential, don’t dominate the conversation and don’t interrupt others.  

We encourage all to engage with and uplift the scholarship and voices of Black, Indigenous, Global South and other equity deserving groups. AI remains a white EurAmerican male ethnocentric field of research which needs to be enriched and troubled.  

During the period of the conference, we have appointed “Angels”consisting of two individuals who serve as contact persons for the purpose of receiving and addressing confidentiality issues that might arise at the conference. We are committed to feminist, anti-racist and intersectional values in both the content of our research and the way we enteract with each other. 

Moderation Guidelines 
During the conference, we will use the progressive stack to solicit comments and feedback after each presentation. Moderators will maintain a speakers queue, giving priority to new and marginalized voices.


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