Indigenous Futures


The Indigenous Futures research cluster explores how Indigenous people are imagining the future of their families and communities. We are interested in narratives, frameworks, and technologies that help us articulate a continuum between our histories, our present, and the seventh generation and beyond. We take a research-creation approach to these issues, employing art- and technology-making coupled with scholarly analysis and conceptual development to illuminate how the challenges of the present can be addressed, in part, through concrete, constructive, and critical dreams of the future.

Information for Prospective Students and Collaborators

IIF is a multi-faceted effort including game development and modding workshops, residencies for artists and others to explore the Indigenous Future Imaginary, and an archive to capture the important work already produced by Indigenous creators exploring the future.

We are looking for graduate students and post-docs to join us as we conduct foundational research for the Initiative. Concordia students from the following programs are invited to contact the Program Director for details on how to join.

Art History (MA/PhD)
Humanities (PhD)
Design and Computation Arts (MDes)
Computer Science (MCompScPhD)
Software Engineering (Masters of EngineeringPhD)
INDI – the Individualized Program (MA/PhD)


Jason Edward Lewis Professor of Computation Arts, Design and Computation Arts; University Research Chair in Computational Media and the Indigenous Future Imaginary; Trudeau Fellow; Research Director, Obx Labs; Director, Initiative for Indigenous Futures; Co-Director, Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace; Co-Director, Skins Workshops on Aboriginal Storytelling and Digital Media
Department of Design and Computation Arts
Research Interests: digital text, electronic literature, computational typography, Aboriginal new media, critical history of digital media

Partnership Coordinator

Skawennati Fragnito Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace’s Initiative for Indigenous Futures
Department of Design and Computation Arts