Théo Chauvirey is pictured wearting black-framed glasses and a collared shirt with a sweater.

Théo Chauvirey



Théo Chauvirey joined Speculative Life and began his work in the Biolab at Milieux Institute in March 2017 while completing his Master of Design degree. His research speculates on the use of mushroom-based biomaterials in the field of public transport as an alternative to common oil-based composite materials. While working on his research, Chauvirey organized in February 2018 a workshop on mycelium culture to make lampshades and he also collaborated with bioartist WhiteFeather Hunter on the Bucci dress: a bacterial dress cultivated in kombucha.

Théo completed his MDes in December 2018 and has had the opportunity to continue his research on mycelium and bacterial cellulose and other processes of biofabrication, hosting several workshops up until early 2020. Théo’s most recent work at Milieux included working on projects such as ‘The Kombucha Machine’, which generated an Instructable and ‘Fossilisation’, which was exhibited at the Pompidou in 2021.

Research and Events