WhiteFeather Hunter is standing with her arms crossed, with her sunglasses over her head, in her lab coat (adorned with decorative patches), in front of the lab bench with Erlenmeyer flasks on display, by the incubator with a view of the Webster Library building through the window behind her.

WhiteFeather Hunter

Staff, Student

WhiteFeather Hunter is a multiple award-winning Canadian transdisciplinary artist and scholar. The former Milieux ‘Speculative Life’ BioLab Technician (and interim PI) and former Textile + Materiality cluster coordinator is currently a PhD candidate in Biological Arts at SymbioticA at the University of Western Australia. Her research into creative tissue engineering involves stem cell isolation and serum extraction from menstrual fluid and is supported by a SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship, Australian Government International RTP Scholarship, and the University of Western Australia International Postgraduate Scholarship.

WhiteFeather positions her biotechnological art practice within the context of craft and feminist witchcraft, via material and performative investigations of the aesthetic and technological potential of vital materials.

Research and Events