Milieux is an ambitious institute for research-creation working at the intersection of design, art, culture and technology.

It is a platform for progressive imagining, critical thinking, creative experimenting and interdisciplinary training. Above all, it is a site of innovation, where thinking and making come together to transform our encounter with technology.


Introducing Milieux’s First Cohort of Undergraduate Fellows

This year marks the inauguration of Milieux's Undergraduate Fellows program, which awards $500 and membership privileges to a group of highly motivated and talented undergraduate students. Fellows are nominated by Milieux-affiliated faculty. Each fellow is [...]

Milieux Expands Its Orbit To Include the Performing Arts

Ricardo Dal Farra's “Understanding Visual Music - UVM” conference series was curated for planetariums around the world. This still is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. This fall, Milieux’s porous outer membrane has stretched to [...]

Suzanne Kite Might Be The Most “Milieux” Researcher Currently Working at Milieux

Suzanne Kite is new to Montreal, but her interdisciplinary performance work is right at home in Milieux’s research-creation ecosystem. She arrived as an affiliate of the Initiative for Indigenous Futures, and her work has overlap [...]


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