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Resistance AI Workshop at NeurIPS 2020

2020-12-11 @ 10:00 - 20:00

Clusters: Milieux

Members of Milieux are organizing the Resistance AI workshop at NeurIPS 2020. The aim of the workshop is to confront the AI community with how AI currently concentrates power, and we hope to inspire and equip attendees with the many visions, dreams, and tactics of addressing root problems in AI.

It has become increasingly clear in recent years that AI research, far from producing neutral tools, has been concentrating power in the hands of governments and companies and away from marginalized communities. Unfortunately, the NeurIPS Conference — one of the largest and most esteemed machine learning conferences in the world — has until now lacked a venue explicitly dedicated to understanding and addressing this concerning reality. As Black feminist scholar Angela Davis famously said, “Radical simply means grasping things at the root.” Resistance AI exposes the root of the current reality: technology rearranges power. We believe that when we are engaged in Resistance AI, we can both resist AI that centralizes power in the hands of the few and we can dream up and build human/AI systems that put power in the hands of the people. This workshop will be a space for AI researchers and marginalized communities to discuss and reflect on AI-fueled inequity and co-create our dreams and tactics of how to work toward Resistance AI.

More information about speakers and the workshop can be found on the website.

The full schedule is available here.


10:00 - 20:00
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