Alexandra Bachmayer works in the Milieux 'Speculative Life' BioLab after dark, seen in her lab coat at the bench in black and white.

Alexandra Bachmayer

Staff, Student

Artist and researcher Alexandra Bachmayer is the technician at Milieux’s ‘Speculative Life’ BioLab and a member of the Textiles and Materiality Research Cluster, and a founding member of the Bactinctorium research group. She’s also been a research assistant at Alice Jarry‘s Critical Practices in Materials and Materiality research group.

Alex explores hybrid materialities through her digital, textile, and bioart practices. Whether developing haptic performance garments or textile dyes from pigment-producing bacteria, her work is largely focused on empathy, playfulness, and the deep ecology of the materials.

As a research assistant at XSLabs, Alex was the developer of Textiles & Wearable technology for the collaborative body:suit:score project, designing and constructing the garments on the industrial embroidery / laying machine at the Textiles & Materiality research cluster at Milieux. She is also the costume designer for Petrikor Danse’s Habitat, fusing soft electronics, bioplastics, and contortion dance. Her work has been presented at the Visual Voice Gallery, HCII 2019, and the Centre Pompidou.

In the Summer of 2022, Alex took part in an independent study in Kathleen Vaughan’s Icelandic Summer School, indulging her passions for natural dye processes.

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