Marc Beaulieu


Marc is Head of Technical Support and Infrastructure at Milieux. He deals with stuff and spaces and stuff for spaces and spaces for stuff. He also heads up training and tech support at Milieux. He co-develops and co-facilitates the MilieuxMake and Experiential learning Workshop series held in the BioLab, MilieuxMake, MaSH Lab and different cluster spaces.

Marc tech-ed the Rapid-Prototyping, the Tajima-Embroidery and the Electronics Labs back in the pre-Milieux days of Hexagram-Concordia and researched in Textiles’ Joey Berzowska’s XS Labs, both way back in the late 00s & early 10s. Marc studied Computation Arts at Concordia, Cabinetmaking at Rosemount Technology Centre and Linguistics at McGill University.

Though slightly cynical (and perhaps slightly sinister) in outlook and demeanour, Marc secretly does enjoy his role in supporting research at Milieux and engaging with the researchers and students alike. He feels fortunate to have the opportunity to explore his love of the tactile & methodological practices of making and nurturing, be it pottery, bacteria and bio-materials, electronics-enabled objects and textiles, plants…

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