Zeph Thibodeau


Zeph Thibodeau is a multimedia artist-researcher who explores the relationships between machines and humans at Milieux with the Machine Agencies Group in Speculative Life. Situated between the fields of robotics, interface design, sensory art and anthropology, Zeph’s explorations seek to challenge and improve the way we relate to our nonhuman colleagues.

His professional work includes sound design and music composition for games and television, apparatus design for sensory experiments, and typewriter repair. As half of the electronic duo DAAT, Zeph has produced a discography spanning a decade of critically-acclaimed 170bpm audio. He is currently a PhD student with Concordia University’s individualized program, and he holds an MA from McGill University in Music Technology as well as a BASc of Computer Engineering from Ottawa University. Zeph has been part of matralab and the Centre for Sensory Studies at Concordia University.

Research and Events