Indigenous Futures Research Centre

Concordia University (Tiohtià:ke, North America)

The Indigenous Futures Research Centre (IFRC) explores how Indigenous people are imagining the future of their communities. We are interested in narratives, theories, frameworks, and technologies that help us articulate a continuum between our histories, our present, the seventh generation and beyond. The IFRC supports a mix of research approaches, topics, and collaborations ranging across community collaboration, art- and technology-making, scholarly analysis, experimental pedagogy, and theoretical development to illuminate how the challenges of the present can be addressed, in part, through concrete, constructive, and critical dreams of the future. The centre operates locally, nationally and internationally. 

Anchored by four Indigenous Research Chairs, the IFRC is a unique destination for those interested in research centered on Indigenous communities, scholarship and practice worldwide. Founding members come from Concordia University’s Fine Arts, Arts and Science, and John Molson School of Business Faculties, and diverse disciplines such as Applied Human Behaviour, Anthropology, Art History, Design and Computation Arts, English, Geography/Planning/Environment, First Peoples Studies, History, Studio Arts, Theatre, and Management. Our goal is to create a vibrant space where questions of importance to Indigenous people can be engaged from multiple perspectives, and faculty and students can operate within a context of advanced analysis of Indigenous thought and creation. 

The IFRC is an Indigenous-led environment. It welcomes all researchers, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, who engage in research that affects Indigenous communities. It is cross-disciplinary, grounded in research-creation, Indigenous, and normative research methodologies for producing scholarly knowledge. It works in direct collaboration with Indigenous communities worldwide to co-generate knowledge of direct use to them as they seek to support their peoples’ thriving. And it actively recruits Indigenous undergraduates, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows while also supporting non-Indigenous students, providing them with an environment rich in mentoring, support, and collaborative opportunities.


The IFRC received formal university recognition in the Spring of 2020. The centre had it’s official launch on November 17th 2021, and their website is live. If you have questions, please contact